The World's Best Dog Poop Bags - DAV & DEDE
The World's Best Dog Poop Bags - DAV & DEDE
The World's Best Dog Poop Bags - DAV & DEDE

The World's Best Dog Poop Bags

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The "Oh Crap" Dog Poop Bags is Australia’s No 1 Non-Plastic Dog Poop Bag!

The bags are made of an eco-friendly “green” alternative to plastic called cornstarch – these will break down completely in landfill within 3 months or you can just throw it in the composter at home. They are also bigger than the average poop bags, which makes them perfect for larger breeds. The best way to deal with pet waste is to ensure its disposal and treatment is earth friendly. Using the “Oh Crap” compostable bag is the safest and the most responsible way to dispose pet waste and prevent your family, your pets and yourself from pathogen infection.

Benefits of using eco-friendly waste bags:

  • In Australia, there are approximately 4.2 million dogs that create over 1200 kilograms of waste PER DAY!
  • Statistics show that up to 4% of landfill is poop. In plastic bags that will take 1000 years to break down. (These are gone in 3 months)
  • If we leave it on the sidewalk – the next good rain washes it into our waterways and streams.
  • 1.3 BILLION Plastic Dog Waste Bags Go Into Landfill EVERY Year!

Product description:

  • 3 Rolls / 60 bags
  • 23cm x 36cm, no handles
  • No plastic (made of cornstarch)
  • Formulated to resist water without disintegration
  • Gone in landfill within 3 months
  • Degrades to H20 and CO2
  • 100% compostable & environmentally safe