Care Instructions

How do I take care of my new DAV & DEDE products?

Our products are made from durable quality materials and are designed to last throughout many of your dog’s adventures. With this being said, it is important to remember that our products are not indestructible and will undergo normal wear and tear over time. 

To wash your products (excluding all leather dog accessories*) simply place the items into a bucket of warm water and lather/massage a small amount of mild soap (no harsh chemicals) into the items. Once you are satisfied that the items are clean, run them under clean water until the soapy water runs clear and hang them to air dry. Although our products are durable enough to machine wash, we do not recommend this method as best practise. 

To further extend the longevity of all DAV & DEDE products, avoid letting your dog play in muddy areas and saltwater whilst wearing our products.

Leather dog accessories (available soon)

We use soft premium (genuine) European leather that is known for its softness and rich colour.

How do I wash my leather dog accessories?

The safest agent for cleaning leather is saddle soap, as it won’t cause any discoloration or stains. If you do not have saddle soap, we also recommended using any other type of very mild soap or dog shampoo. 

Simply pour a small amount of saddle soap (or other type of mild soap) onto a damp cloth and lather it onto your leather dog accessory. Ensure to rub the cloth in the direction of the leather grain and thread stitching for the best result. Once you are satisfied that the leather is clean, take a clean damp cloth and wipe the soap away. While you are letting the collar air dry, avoid exposure to the sun as this may cause fading and sometimes shrinking. Try to use as little water as possible when cleaning, as leather is best kept dry. 

How do I maintain my leather dog accessories? 

To maintain the richness of the leather, you should nourish it with a good leather conditioner every so often. Apply a small amount onto a dry cloth and rub it into the leather. Use a separate cloth to buff it until all the conditioner has been absorbed.